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We provide instruction in the Martial Art known as Zen Chi Ryu in a safe environment.

We aim to provide the mental and physical tools for improving personal safety and security

Develop positive self-esteem and self-confidence in every student whilst getting fit a the same time!

See below what Zen Chi Ryu can offer you!
Zen Chi Ryu is the art of confidence – not just in combat, but in everyday life.
Multiple Locations

Click here to see the locations we operate in and the timetable to see when and where you can begin your journey! The New South Wales locations include Brookvale and Kempsey. The Queensland locations include Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Feel free to contact any of the dojo locations for more information or to begin!

Certified Instructors

Zen Chi Ryu Instructors are highly experienced and all have a minimum of a Certificate 111 in Sports Coaching, have current Working with Children Checks as well as currents First Aid Certificates. There is a Junior Instructor Program – where young Black Belt students under the age of 18 years of age are mentored to develop into strong, capable sports coaches.

Warrior Way Camp

Warrior Camp has been run annually for over 20 years. It was originally designed for black belts only however the council changed it 15 years ago to allow all grades to attend if they felt they could handle the weekend. It is still compulsory for black belts and above. It is a camp that pushes you to your physical extreme.

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Zen Chi Ryu (Mens)

Zen Chi Ryu (Mens)

Zen Chi Ryu provides students with:

  • Combat training
  • Pysical Conditioning
  • Achievement
  • Self-defence

Unlike many of the classical martial arts, Zen Chi Ryu is not a rigid system. It permits each student to develop as he or she wishes. No one is forced into a rigid mould or expected to do things of which their body is incapable.



Zen Chi Ryu is ideal for women.
Womens way provides students with:

  • Flexability
  • Self-control
  • Relaxation
  • Achievement
  • Self-defence

Being based on skill rather than strength, female students are at no physical disadvantage and do not need extra muscle to reach higher levels of training. Zen Chi Ryus techniques and counter movements add to their flexibility, poise and grace, while the mental side of training increases self control and relaxation.




Kids Way provides children with:

  • A fun and rewarding sport
  • Strong, positive role models
  • High Self-esteem
  • Sense of achievement
  • Safety awareness
  • Stranger-Danger concepts

Zen Chi Ryu teaches children self discipline, ethics and standards, and can help them improve their co-ordination and confidence. All of these benefits are not confined to Zen Chi Ryu but flow throughout all aspects of the student’s life.


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